Game Development 2 level 16

For some reason, When I did what I was supposed to, I started the game and clicked “Play”. But it told me there was an error in code. I’ll just copy paste all of my code and say which lines are the important parts >:)

// Use manual goals to specify which ogres to defeat.

function createGenerator(spawnType, x, y, spawnAI) {
var generator = game.spawnXY(“generator”, x, y);
generator.spawnType = spawnType;
generator.spawnAI = spawnAI;

// Scouts are aggressive and munchkins are just walking.
createGenerator(“scout”, 12, 12, “AttacksNearest”);
createGenerator(“scout”, 68, 56, “AttacksNearest”);
createGenerator(“munchkin”, 12, 56, “Scampers”);
createGenerator(“munchkin”, 68, 12, “Scampers”);

var player = game.spawnPlayerXY(“duelist”, 40, 34);
player.maxHealth = 10000000000000000000;
player.attackDamage = 200000000000000000000;
player.maxSpeed = 20;

// These are our goals. Notice we save them in variables!
var spawnMunchkinsGoal = game.addManualGoal(“Let 6 munchkins spawn.”);
var dontTouchGoal = game.addManualGoal(“Don’t attack munchkins.”);
var defeatScoutsGoal = game.addManualGoal(“Defeat 6 scouts.”);
// game properties used to count new and defeated ogres.
game.spawnedMunchkins = 0;
game.defeatedScouts = 0;
ui.track(game, “spawnedMunchkins”);
ui.track(game, “defeatedScouts”);

function onSpawn(event) {
game.spawnedMunchkins += 1;

function onDefeat(event) {
var unit =;
if (unit.type == “scout”) {
game.defeatedScouts += 1;
if (unit.type == “munchkin”) {
// dontTouchGoal is failed if a munchkin is defeated.
game.setGoalState(dontTouchGoal, false);

function checkGoals() {
// If game.defeatedScouts is greater than 5:
if (game.defeatedScouts > 5) {
game.setGoalState(game.addDefeatGoal, true);
// If game.spawnedMunchkins is greater than 5:
if (game.spawnedMunchkins > 5) {
game.setGoalState(spawnMunchkinsGoal, true);
// If both other goals are completed.
if (spawnMunchkinsGoal.success) {
if (defeatScoutsGoal.success) {
// Set dontTouchGoal state as successful…
game.setGoalState(dontTouchGoal, true);

game.setActionFor(“munchkin”, “spawn”, onSpawn);
game.setActionFor(“munchkin”, “defeat”, onDefeat);
game.setActionFor(“scout”, “defeat”, onDefeat);

while (true) {
for some reason, Line 49 was an error, (which was // If game.defeatedScouts is greater than 5:
if (game.defeatedScouts > 5) { game.setGoalState(game.addDefeatGoal, true); player.say(“Done!”)) and it said that "setGoalStates argument should have a type object, but got function. When I clicked play, it said that my first goal was finished, but the goal “Win the game” wasn’t. (I don’t exactly know what that means. any help?)

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This line is written incorrectly, I believe it should be:

game.setGoalState(defeatScoutsGoal, true);

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