Game locked can't get in

I was in the middle of writing some new code and it became unresponsive so i tried to refresh the browser, now i can not get into the game at all. Been trying for quite a while. It does not pop up the infinite loop option screen or anything so i am just stuck.

Apparently in this last hour this was fixed… I just followed your link with no issues.

no it’s not fixed. it’s broken for me not you. it varies depending on who is logged in. i’m still locked out.

Hmm, wish I could help. Have you tried talking with Nick in the hipchat room?

I’ve just checked it out, and I can reproduce the problem. Still not sure why it’s happening, though. It seems like it’s just against that one opponent? I tried adding a return to your code, and that didn’t help, so I don’t think it has anything to do with your code. I have a guess and am tracking the issue here:

Can you let me know if it happens when trying to play against any other opponents?

You might just want to avoid playing that opponent for now.