Game Pacing, Gem Deprivation and Difficulty spike

The main one was Attack-of-Clones. Even after I subscribed and got myself the +958 health armor it was still a challenge.
I recently found out that my secondary problem aside from my health was that I was using LUA. The lua handler has massive memory leaks, which was the reason why ‘advanced’ tactics kept making the game die. Which restricted my coding complexity. Even so, Attack-of-Clones and The-Trials (the latter is logical, yet unassumingly impossible to do in lua) are the only 2 levels I’ve had issues with regarding health.

Ever since my subscription I’ve mostly been using Narnia of the Leaf instead as my hero (without using any armor), which made the game challenging and fun again in a sense where complex coding allows me to ‘substitute’ for the lack of health in most levels. Though unfortunately forcing me to abandon using lua, as it’s litterally impossible to use lua in any usable fashion if I want to actually survive things. I’ve already posted the info on this in: Huge memory buildup - LUA:

And then there is also this list of bugs in the “Stranded in the Dunes” level:

- My archer kept shooting at rocks blocking the shot between her and the target even though I used "this.isPathClear(this.pos, target.pos)".
- My hero kept walking over mines, even though I checked "isPathClear".
- Waves of yaks randomly spawning in the start area.
- No skeletons spawning in the boss fight.
- The boss not walking to his designated location, and instead attacking player.
- The raven getting stuck randomly when I go "invisible" and no longer dropping potions.
- the level sometimes freezes when the raven drops a potion.
- I had to swap from using lua to javascript because of memory leaks in the lua scripting that didn't allow to get past even the second section.
- and many many more...

But, back on topic, Clash-of-the-clones requires way more health than it should.