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Gems or Death Coffeescript:

@moveXY(25, 15) 
@moveXY 52, 18
@moveXY 56, 27```


Puff Like JFBM said on one of your earlier post you have to tell us your problem otherwise we cannot fix it


this isnt a problem
its a solution


As I already wrote you we usually don’t post solutions directly, so new players have to figure it out themselves (for their own good).

Also while you are of course right, this level has another purpose. It should teach you to use if and understand the difference between true and false, or conditions that evaluate to true and false.

A lot of levels can be solved by walking directly to the goal.

You can also solve this level (given a bit health) with this code:

    item = @findNearest @findItems()
    @move if item then item.pos else @pos

But that’s not the point.


If you wanted to force the players to use elif you should randomize the places of the orges/gems


all have to do is make the math correct and the math wrong for the places you don’t want to move.


As the new rule says, you are not allowed to post solutions. Please remove it.