Help with the level Gems of Death

hello Guys,

can anyone help me with the level called “Gems of death”. On the last part of the code the statements always goes to TRUE no matter what.

if 2 == 4:
self.moveXY(40, 55) ## problems with the gigants

if True:
self.moveXY(50, 10) ## Problems with the bombs

if False:
self.moveXY(55, 25) ## diamonds

I tryed your code: IF the indentation in the original code is correct, so

if 2 == 4:
    self.moveXY(40, 55)

i do not have problems with the giants!

On the contrary, i go to the bombs. Are you sure you want to go to the bombs? if not, you shouldn’t have

if True:
    self.moveXY(50, 10)

but some False condition!

That’s the problems. On this level you cant errase any of the prebuilt syntax. you have to work with the sentence that the games comes with, you can only modify the statements and in this particular statement never goes to False

if 2 ==4:
self.moveXY(40,55) ##GIANTS

in this 1st Sentence the statement is False so the program jumps it. to this statement:

if True:
self.moveXY(50,10) ## BOMBS

I dont know what to do in order to jump to this statement:

if False:
self.moveXY(55,25) ##DIAMONDS

Well, you have only to change the if conditions!
For example, you have to change if True: with something that is not True, and the easiest thing is obviously if False:.
If you can’t edit this, maybe you are encountering some bug in the editor…

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