Getting to a level before completing previous levels

I noticed that I haven’t completed kelvintaph crusader, yet when I type it still opened kelvintaph defiler and said I could play the level. Is this known?

Yes, it is known. (20 chars)

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ok. I just wanted to make sure because it’s definitely not supposed to be that way

@CryptiCrystal check out this topic it was made today on a similar thing

if you wanted to you could unlock different maps for example your in the forest but you cant beat a level then if you put then you unlock the mountain

Well yes that makes sense…

I completed Saige of Stonehold without doing previous levels by then I was halfway in the desert and then I came back to finish the forest

I didnt do clash of clones and then I moved onto mountains by skipping it

Clash of clones is easy summon a burl put on zero armor so It will be easy to kill your clone