[SOLVED] Next Level Not Showing Up - Weird Bug

I have this weird bug briefly explained in the title where the next level isn’t showing up or in any way being indicated by that big yellow arrow - and this has been going on for the past couple of days:

I tried reloading the page too but that doesn’t work. And I know for a fact that the next level definitely isn’t Kelvintaph Crusader. Oh, and no level seems to have been unlocked since I completed Prime Pathing. Thanks for any help!

Hmm. Try replaying the last few levels you did and resubmitting for completion to see if there was an achievement that didn’t get saved to unlock the next levels.

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Hello FalconX11_312, for your info, the next level is indeed Kelvintaph Crusader. You need to complete it now to continue.

The only level that you can play at this stage IS Kelvintaph Crusader, I have almost completed Kelvintaph, so I’m sure of that.