I updated my best level, and it should be harder. Enjoy!


Oh! Wonderful! I really want you to make even more! So great! Wait… did I tell you about the refrees building ogres, you could look at [solved]Help with waves - #26 by Chaboi_3000 if you want to make a fortress for ogres.


Nice! Good job on making it! Maybe you could add a victory screen?

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How do I do that? :slight_smile:

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You go to Settings and then you’ll see victory screen. You expand that and select body text, then, you type an encouraging, you-did-it! or whatever you want!

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Thank you! :):):slight_smile: 20 chars

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I know! It is a bit annoying.

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I says Error from loading server try to refresh page

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Same for me idk why (20 chars are confused too)


I know that! I renamed it to be part of a level series! Try this link.

It says page not found(there was also a peasant with a bucket on his head).

Sorry. I chnged the name. Oops. Hear is the link now. CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript

It might have an infinite loop, if it does just refresh

The warlocks are way too powerful.

No… Try to attack a few important targets first. Vyrryx 7 is the witch that summons fangriders. You can do hero.attack(“Vyrryx 7”). Do the same with the warlocks at the right time. Although you can one shot em, make sure to attak each one at least 6 times. They will be raising dead and growing eachother. Good luck!

If your really stuck, i can give you the solution.

I beat it, but maybe nerf scouts.

Why? Scouts do 12 damage, 75 health. I cant nerf the summon undead tho…

I meant make it so warlocks can’t summon them.

Do you prefer skellys then? :smiley: