Gold Rush - Spectate

There is a bug I noticed when I tried to spectate matches in gold rush.Both the players seem to just go around collecting coins[0] (first coin in the get items array)

At first I thought maybe they must have submitted the default code.But then as I started to spectate many more matches,
I got the same result.

@schmatz can you check this out?

Hi @DollarAkshay,

I can’t replicate this bug. What browser/OS/username were you using at the time? Can you still replicate the bug?

Have a great day,


Okay its no longer there,but I swear the bug was there before I posted this.
I am on Windows 8.1 & the Latest version of Chrome.
I have same username as the one on the forums.
Thank You :slight_smile: This has been solved now !! :smile: