Multiplayer game not being simulated


I have submitted my first trully multiplayer game (gold rush) 15 hours ago and it still says: "Your new code is being simulated by other players for ranking. This will refresh as new matches come in."
I have been simulating 12k games since then, which does not seem to help.

Is someone else experiencing this? Or can anyone give me some insight on what is going on?

Hmm, it’s possible that your game got stuck against someone else’s game that is currently not simulatable due to an infinite loop that we couldn’t catch. We aren’t simulating extra games for the non-hero-based ladder levels now, so you won’t get many extra simulations recorded for Gold Rush to break past that kind of hangup, unfortunately.

You could try making an insignificant change to your code and resubmitting in hopes of not getting matched up against the player with the buggy session again.

(speaking of either/both of the two things: stuck or no-non-player-simulating)
That explains why I sometimes seem to get stuck and see a “when” of “3 days ago” (like right now for both humans and ogres.
Thanks nick.

Does that also explain why when simulating games (for any of the ladders) it sometimes gets stuck and sits there with the “Simulating” message forever?

Possibly; you would check the JS console to see what it’s doing (loading frames really slowly, gave up due to an error, etc.)

Hmm, I changed both my human & orge code for Gold rush (~ an hour ago) and no new games . . . must not be my lucky day. :frowning:

Good idea I’ll check it next time I catch it locking up.