Gold Rush: terrify method

I’m unsure how this method is supposed to work. I assumed it was a no-parameter method and simply called it by writing “this.terrify()”, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Any suggestions on what I’m missing here?

Hi @Jawanga, sorry for missing you in the HipChat. Using this.terrify() should work, but keep in mind that the cooldown lasts the whole match, so it’ll only have an effect once, and only if you don’t set another action (like this.move(x, y)) during the same chooseAction call.

It’s alright, thanks for replying. The main problem was what you said about not setting the action in the same chooseAction call as another action, got it fixed now. Thank you :smile:

Well you could set more than one action per ChoosenAction, it is the last one that is used.

With that in mind you can set several actions ordering them by priority.