During Terrifying, tharin is frozen


A strange behavior of Tharin when he cast Terrifying : he’s stopped for some time before moving again.
Against some players, it’s 2s, against another, it’s 3.5s.
The hero said : “You will be exterminated” and it stays at his place, doing nothing.

If I look at the call number, it’s like if we’re blocked in the same call. As if the the call to Terrifying last very long.
During this time, my soldiers do what they want instead of obey the Tharin’s orders.

Is it the normal behavior ?


This is normal if you are not making Tharin move. Perhaps you need this.getNearestEnemy()?


The terrify action is currently set to a two-second cooldown, and during that time, Tharin can’t update his this.say() orders (although it’s a little hard to see when the orders are being repeated vs. are just hanging there from having been said two seconds ago). One thing we could consider is making special attacks like this have a much shorter cooldown. It would be better if he had a nice terrify animation that took about two seconds to complete…

Ok. So I misunderstand the cooldown. For me, it was just the time before we can launch the spell again.
But in this case, it’s more the time before Tharin can do anything else.
The problem is that during this time, my soldiers do not continue to execute the previous order (attack ennemy base), but they attack the nearest ennemy. And the same ennemy who is afraid because of the terrifying, so my soldiers runs after them and goes in any direction, but not the good one. So I lost most of the avantage of the spell… :confused: