Great Yak Stampede doesn't work

Everytime I play this level I get this error (which doesn’t happen with any other level)
I beat the level and it doesn’t save me beating it. I’ve tried to rebeat it like a billion times and it still doesn’t work.

Screenshot 2024-01-20 3.10.08 PM
Is there any way to fix this? (Preferably not using inspect element, since inspect is admin disabled on my school computer :skull:)

yk, theres still inspect on macbook

uh oh, its happening for me too

it’s a chromebook

oh mb, i still think it can have inspect tho, not sure how inspect woulod help the level though

no what i meant is the administrator disabled the inspect feature on my school computer. so i literally cannot use it.
in the picture you can see that it’s greyed out a little

then enable it lol

i can’t tell if you’re trolling or not, but if something is admin disabled you do realize you can’t enable it again right?

i just realized that. i guess someone else could help