[SOLVED] Yak Rampage - Hammer Bug

Hi guys! I’ve noticed that The level Yak Rampage allows hammers…

Well, let me explain. The first ever time you play Yak Rampage via. link, it just gives you the items you last used. The item I last used was the wooden hammer. It gave me the hammer in the level. I went out to switch to sword, but then I realized that they were all restricted. I wasn’t able to use the hammer after that.

Hammers and weapons are restricted in this level. But just in-case someone with a hammer can’t just build fences and cheese the level I’ve added another layer of checks to make the level fail if they build anything.


Also that’s the case for any other level. If you load into a level with direct-link, then it will skip inventory selection and use the equipment of the last level you’ve played.


And you somehow get killed by lightning if you summon stuff.