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Greed: Breaking out of Sandbox



I was looking through my match history and came across this particular defeat (I’m the ogres!):

This guy’s managed to disable coin spawning and give himself an income. While this is probably representative of some particular skill, it doesn’t seem to be entirely in the spirit of the competition :P.

Match URL was:


It perhaps goes without saying that he’s currently sitting at the top of both ladders, which I only just noticed. :slight_smile:


There is also a new player which name is


now number two in the ladder. I did not check if it was a real js injection or just a funny joke…

edit: given that his program is now second after Xavion’s one should definitely have a look


Can confirm, Xavion is messing something up…


Yeah, Xavion and Dominik are testing security today, and I’m working to patch the sploits. For now I’ve removed their hacky solutions so as not to interfere with tournament play.