Greed: Shaman does not cast regeneration


As far as I know, in Greed, all units are equally matched in the other team.

Playing as Ogres, lately I see that my shamans often do not cast regeneration to my units.

However, Librarians always cast regeneration to themselves and their allies.

This is crucial, and a reason for a defeat.

1 shaman against 1 librarian. Librarian casts regen, shaman does not. Therefore librarian wins (even with a munchkin)
1 shaman with 2 ogres, no enemies in front but units wounded. No regen. Humans makes a librarian and kills them.
1 librarian with 2 knights, wounded. Librarian casts regen. Ogres make some troops and die because enemy is full life.

The only situation I found in which shaman did regen was with a brawler. Shamans did regen to brawler and themselves.

I have checked the scripts in the edit map, and everything looks fine, scripts look the same.

I have no idea why this happens but it is very unfair for ogres :frowning:

Hmm, I can’t reproduce the issue. Check out this match I set up to test it:

The shaman and librarian both behave symmetrically, casting self regen after taking hits. I also tried building other units to go alongside the shaman, and they were also regenerated.

Can you give me an example match where things go wrong?

I’ve seen the bug as well. I’ll see if I can get a repro.

Yesterday I found no situations in which this was happening again. I thought someone fixed something, somewhere!

I will try to keep a record of matches I see this happening.

I also see such behavior, but first when I was more on ogre side. It was at the beginning of the tournament. I first think the behavior of the human and ogres was different. And I first abandon the idea to use shaman, as they were useless.

Since this time, I observe a more symetrical behavior. But from time to time, that’s true that they behave strangely, and the lost is very fast.

To be honnest, It’s always annoying when it is in the wrong direction :slight_smile:
When the opponent is not doing regenaration, no trouble :wink:

So I supposed that it could depend what the shaman or librarian are doing, the distance, the number of ennemies,… Maybe having a look at the librarian code could help, but I’m not sure to know how to do that (the editor is still a mystery for me).

It’s actually pretty easy to check out the Librarian code.

  1. Open up the level editor for Greed
  2. Click the Components tab
  3. Click the ai.Autocasts, magic.CastsRegen, etc. Components to check out their code

You can also double-click the Librarian / Shaman Thangs to see which Components they have.

I looked at this yesterday and didn’t notice anything obvious, but I could be missing something. I did fix a problem in the beginning of the tournament where the Components weren’t ordered the same way, so the Shaman and Librarian had different autocast preferences, but now the ordering should be the same.

Damn. I wish I found out about the level editor earlier. Some very powerful stuff for me.

Next competition, I’m going to be ready!

I wish I could understand the editor :slight_smile:
Looks for me like a different language.
So I think I really need to go to the tutorial before looking at this editor.

lol. I’m just looking to gut levels for re-usable code. DRY, right? :stuck_out_tongue: