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Sky Span new Heroes


I just took a look at Sky Span… My shaman reproduces like 50 times, and the ogre munchkin and thrower do not build. Then I go to game menu and there are like 10 new heroes… My question is how do I get the code to work and how do I get the locked heroes? Thanks


Sky Span is currently using the old system, where heroes are just some units you can build. The new levels, heroes are unlockable and you play as the heroes. We’ll be converting Sky Span to the new system a little later on before it’s out of beta.

As far as the bug with the shaman reproducing over and over: are you playing in Python by any chance?


Nope… I am playing in JS but it is weird. It might just be an error in my code though… When I face human enemies, 90% of them spawn 15 or so Captain Anya’s and that is what happens with my shamans. I will check the code.
As always, thank you for this amazing service!


I just fixed it, so if you reload, you should see most players only building one hero again.