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Grid minefield - adventurer


there is an alternate solution to grid minefield

which does not have you take any damage at all or step on anything


Ok. Anyway you used the nested loop and it was the main goal of that level. I think the ogre fireworks is more fun.
But if you want solve it boring way, why not :wink:


I didn’t read the comments carefully, and did exactly the same… :wink:


It’s a demo level about nested loops for coordinates and players have the sample code with predefined loops as an example.

First I made it as you did. But it was boring and I shifted it to make the big blow.


Shouldn’t a hammer that can build fire-traps be required for the level?


Should be. I remember that bug was fixed.


Hm. It didn’t for me. It’s not very important, though.


Hint says “We much prepare the meeting for our ‘guests’”, typo, should be “must”?


@Tom_H that is so cool


@Hellenar Yeah, yeah I was just about to post a topic about that typo, it’s still there.