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Guide to learning level flags for beginners

The red is the main campaign is where you get those items. Anybody can do these levels.
The dark red swirls under underneath a red flag that has a skull on top. That is a multiplayer level.
The ones that have a yellow swirl underneath a red flag those are repayable brawls. They get harder and more rewarding each time you win.
The light swirly blue is usually subscriber only.
The red flag that has a chef hat is mostly a subscriber level that leads you to other worlds
The red can contain some challenge levels usually subscriber only.

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or you can use the find missiles and dodge them XD

True flags are easer less code more interactive code (me clicking my way to victory)

or phase-shift XDXDXD

I like to do it without fancy hero’s. Ritic is nice but he is not always may favorite

you can do that but then the whole point of code-combat is to help people learn code(i’m pretty sure)

but how? how do you find their target position?

I learned this a year ago but I remember that you need twilight glasses to know the artillery’s position

You use Twilight glasses to see through walls

ok I mean I know how to find a single thang’s target but not several thangs targets.

use hard coding like nick’s razordisc dodging code

usually the light swirly blue is usually subscriber only levels