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Kevin's overall impressions and feedback


I’m around level 20 and am a few levels into the desert zone so I am by no means finished but I do value feedback in my endeavors and, as such, like to provide feedback for others.

Firstly, very impressed with the game. I got hooked immediately. I do have prior programming experience so I can’t really say how it would be for a beginner, but I had a lot of fun planning and executing code in a new language (to me) to move my character through various situations. I didn’t think it could be this enjoyable, and the creators should be applauded for a job well done.

Syntax is taught fairly well and the repetition helps make certain aspects more memorable, which I think is important. Some might think the levels are monotonous or a “grind” at times, but that’s a good thing when it comes to learning code and library style functions.

When I first got to the levels with flags, my interest dropped off a lot. I no longer play the game all that often and whenever there’s a flag level, I cringe. It feels like it’s just wrong for the game. I enjoyed the strategizing and sometimes I was able to code up a solution without using flags, but sometimes that seems impossible. I understand why they exist, but the point to me was that my code should defeat the level. With flags, my code becomes pretty generic and my ability to place the right colored flag quickly enough becomes the real criteria for whether or not I pass a level.

Summary: super cool, I’m glad I found the game, really dislike the flags.


You need a bit extra-equipment, but you can beat almost any level without flag. So take it as an extra-task: If the level says you MUST use flags, say NO.