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Headhunter is vicious


The headhunter is vicious . . . he makes my Anya cry for her mommy.

if enemy and enemy.type == "headhunter": self.say("Mommy!!")

It says he has a range of 40m. OK so he may not be able to throw unless you are within 40m but his missiles NEVER stop. They bounce around and around and around and … (20 secs later they were still bouncing around.) He seems to be able to have (at least) eight in the air at once. Unless, of course, they hit you for 100pts of damage. It didn’t matter that he only had 180 hp, the only time I’ve seen one he took the field after three brawlers and three ogres…


I suppose we have the same tactic : running instead of fighting.
So maybe I could suggest something : if the thrower is so annoying, Free Anya and leave her chopping some fingers or arms of this headhunter, then she will be more relax.

A question about this level : do you succeed in using secret passages ? Each time I ask Anya to take a coins near a red cross, she’s transferred to the other side of the level. But as she was not able to reach her target, she continue endlessly to try to reach the same point, and I can’t stop her.


I never had that problem. So either I never had a coin “behind” the teleporter or I came at it (luck) from the other side/angle.

Yes I was just running. I am not strong enough to wade into 3 brawlers and three ogres to attack the headhunter. I tried it once . . . after eating a couple of his flying disks running at him I only got in one-two hits before everyone pounded me into the dust.


The first time I tryed that, I was lucky and near the headHunter. So I was able to kill him before the others came at rescouss.
But that’s not always the case, and sometime when he’s hidden behind all the others…
Nevertheless, even if I can survive, I lost because of the time with only half of the money needed. Anya seems too slow.


Anya is slow but she’s all I’ve got. (I don’t like the “free” guy) :stuck_out_tongue: (not that he has different stats.)

I probably only got this far with her because I have her wearing the +2.5 speed boots and the +5 speed ring. Of course this means I spent money on speed and not armor (775 hp I think).


@vettax, I had same problem, it was funny, I couldn’t figure out why my hero was running all the way across the screen to get the “nearest” item. Quick fix was just to add a condition to only get items less than a certain distance.

I’m finding this level kind of fun for how simple the set up is. You have to program your hero to have some sort of positional awareness of where the portals are relative to the enemies.

I just ran out of time with 147 gems!!!


OK, yeah I’ve had that too, but only one oops teleport. the coin she wanted was far enough away that she could get it once the 'porter wasn’t between her and it. (she in corner above 'porter, coin was below it.)

It would be nice to know the area of effect for the teleporter (and coin pickup) so as to properly avoid accidental transport.


the area of effect is a tight square around the red x. simple.


You still have to same items so you are really not changing anything cept’ the multipliers and tharin has more hp and attack so he might help you on the level


So you’re saying Anya and Tharin are different? (I guess I just assumed they were the same since the bars look it)

How does one find out the actual stats of the hero?


Yes Anya and Tharin are very different Tharin has more hp and attack while moves slower
Anya has more a little less attack but more speed and lower hp

And to find the actual stats you just have to ask nick or jump into the editor


I also assume they are identical. Interresting. Could be good to have more precise stats then…@Nick :wink:

About the portal, I have to ignore the items based on their x position. But at level 3, items are very rare, and it’s difficult to miss some of them because new one only appears when you “eat” the previous ones.
I’m hesitating, or buying the speed ring (it’s difficult to know the benefit cause I don’t know the actual Anya’s speed), or I buy the faster warrior (Hanzo), with the same problem, I don’t know the precise speed improvement.


The hero display at the bottom of the level screen says that Anya and Tharin have the same HP.

The damage listed for self.attack is the same for both, but it is possible that that is weapon damage and not weapon + hero damage.

I had both run across the screen without enemies and they took the same amount of time “say(now())” as it were. (actually that was with speedy boots, let me try it without them.)
Took off the speed equipment and they still move at the same speed.
(they clear the level in the same time, run walk 100m in the same time, well who cares about a measly 100m . . . they walk 1000m in the same time . . . They walk 1200m in the same time . . . I’d go farther but I run out of time…


check the heros panel where you purchase heros. their meters are very obviously different.


They look the same to me. (must be my eyes and my ruler)

As far as the game is concerned they are the same (see my post just above, for run time comparison of speed)


looks like i was wrong. straight from nicks mouth. anya and tharin are identical.


Argh… I am quickly learning to hate this level. Code that basically worked yesterday no longer works. Somehow after a few seconds I just end up teleporting back and forth every few seconds and nothing else until time expires. My code is definitely not perfect but feels like maybe parameters changed behind the scenes in the last day?

Hope this does not sound line whining, but I think this level could be cleaner if:

  1. coins did not appear too close to teleport locations (to avoid “accidental” teleporting)

  2. teleport exits were distinct from teleport entries – so you don’t basically re-appear next to another teleport entry meaning some slight movement in the wrong directions throws you right back in the teleport (I think this might be how I am ending up in this infinite teleport loop?)

  3. could the teleport locations be items? would be a lot cleaner to code that way

All that said, I think the basic idea of this level is really cool.


Amara and Omarn are both a lot faster than Tharin/Anya for 1000 compared to 2900 for the ring of speed though I don’t know the relative speed increase you get from the heroes vs the ring. You’d probably want Amara and/or Omarn at some point anyway, unless you are instead waiting for the even better, more expensive heroes. I haven’t gotten much use out of Hanzo yet, to be honest, though maybe others have.


1 - this can be done if i have some free time

All teleports are both entries and exits. so #2 doesn’t really make any sense.

3 - that doesn’t really make any sense either.


Can you re-teleport instantly? It seemed to me like there was a couple of seconds delay.