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Infinite Inferno Cup Strategy Chat

This new tournament might be a challenge to some. You can chat about it ask for advice and tell people what happened. Don’t share your code but share strategies. One of mine is I summon ogres and throwers in the same lane, then I make one with only throwers. That way when the ogres and throwers break through the throwers have huge numbers and take everybody out.


Is this Blazing Battle? You can’t summon there.

No this is infinite inferno cup

I’ve never played it before.

I think I should summon headhunters, as they’re so powerful.

Not really. Throwers are less expensive, more effective, and etc.

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Actually, I tried your strategy, and I think that’s the best anyone can get.

I just summoned all throwers and they spam attacked everyone to death.

You should throw some ogres in there as well.

Ok, what about your champions? Which do you like best?

I like summoning brawlers.

They are horrible. They are slow and die before the attack.

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And I also like summoning knights. Their stomps do so much damage.

What’s your favorite champion to summon?

I like summoning Amara. She is good at the end when you take out the enemy.

I meant which type. (bad character limit)

What’re your’e choices for all of the lanes? I choose all knights.

I would choose all Ninja(Amara’s type)

Why can’t I get the headhunter type?
I do:

if enemy.type ==  "headhunter":

but it doesn’t get the type. why?

Hmm. Maybe try head-hunter.

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