Hedge Magic - Game Development 1 level 9

The level “Hedge Magic” isn’t registering that you have spawned a maze when you change the number. Even if you delete the line and retype it, or add a second game.spawnMaze(2);

All other Goals are being met sans that one.

@lakepirate do you mean the goals look like this:

This is how my screen looks before I click submit, and then I still complete the level as I have created each.

The problem is that there isn’t a submit button for this session. What do I do now? I can’t do the next round because it won’t allow me to submit.

@Anointed05 Unlike the other levels just click on the Test Level and play your game.

I use a random algorithm to build a random maze, enemies, treasure, and walk goal and I am able to complete it each time by clicking on the test level and playing the level through.