Hello, please tell me how I can put this code in 4 lines?

in Russian this level sounds like “Without labor there is no fruit,” but I do not know how correctly it is translated in English

Take a screenshot of the map and say where the level is on it so I know which level it is. (also if you haven’t tried flags then that might work)

You don’t have to. It LITERALLY tells you to change the while True line. (I don’t speak Russian but I can see the triangle symbol.)

Yeah. Change that line, and move the moveXY line in the else part out of the while loop.

SuperSmacker is right. The translation is:

# 1 Change the condition of the cycle
# 2 Run, while the health is more than 200
# 3  Change the line
#10 Go to Okar

I don’t know the level, but the instructions are clear - replace True with hero.health > 200 and put hero.moveXY(32, 40) outside the loop.
/PS: Russian was compulsory in Eastern Europe before the falling of the Berlin Wall, there are many knowing it along with other languages/

with flags failed

changing only line #3

oh, I’m very inattentive, thanks for the help