Hello world, i am BACK

I am back, for people like @SharkyCombat0 , I am TheDreadfullSlayer in codecombat :slight_smile:

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Welcome back, @riticmaster908! :tada:



Hi again :] (20 chars be confused)

riticmaster908.say("Hello world, i am BACK")
world.say("Welcome back!")

No, it’s

riticmaster908.say(`Hello ${world.id}, I'm BACK`);
world.say('Welcome back!');


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okayz, got that Grammarly (or maybe Codely) XD

thanks peter :}

(btw if ur confused moonwatcher, i left to take a break so i can focus on studying :] )


no its

i dont care that much


whatever the heck this is

Coderly* (20 chars is laughing)

It’s confusing HTML that you can’t read

I can read it thank you very much :brain:

(please stop correcting everyone’s posts)

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welcome to have you back, TheDreadfullSlayer! Well played last season! Hope to see you rise in this one too!

Argh I thought that might have been the first time Moon ever corrected someone without anyone complaining… Oh well…

thx sharky, gg on getting no 1 on tundra tower in ur age bracket(altho i got numba in age bracket in colossus)

add the comma after the first word :wink: (lol)

Lol, you’re good at corrections :slight_smile:

I hope that was grammatically correct…

It was, don’t worry, my Grammarly scanned it and it was fine, also, this is getting off-topic (also, I corrected you and not Grammarly :])

you mean no 2 in colossus? (20 chars happy )

u got no1 in tundra tho close fight last season (colossus) i could teach u some tips