Hello everyone:)

I want to say Hi :slight_smile: Im new at the discourse here


Hi(20 charsssssssss)

hi (20 charsssssssssssssssss)

Welcome to the CodeCombat Discourse! :tada:

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Welcome to the discord I mean discourse have fun! :partying_face:

hello and welcome to discord! :rofl:

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Hello and welcome to the Code Combat discourse. :partying_face: We have some amazing people who would LOVE to help you with bugs, creating levels, and getting through levels. Don’t forget though, when you need help, create a new level, and format your code correctly Or, you can just chat with others in topics. Please go to this topic: here to see more details. We would be happy to just chat with you to! YAS! I beat @enPointe77 to it! XD


Lol, I do like making a bit of competition welcoming people. :wink:
Hi @_El_be_r_t_E! Welcome to our cozy forum!

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