HELP! How do I purchase licenses?


I created a teacher account and am trying to get 21 licenses for my students. I submitted a request via the request student licenses page and I have not heard back. My class is planned for next Tues, as part of an engineering boot camp in Gdansk, Poland. I need to get these licenses purchased so I can ensure the class is ready to go when I arrive.

Thank you for your help,
Sarah Jelinek

Helo Sarah,

Our School Specialists have been swamped since the start of September and have been running a few days behind.

I just looked you up in our system and I think one of our specialists just responded to you a few moments ago.

If you, or any other teacher, needs a more timely response, please contact and I can attempt to escalate for you.


I am not sure where they responded?

Never mind, I see the email now.