Urgent: Please help. Students need to buy licenses

Hi – My students have just completed the first level, and their homework is to complete CS2. How can they buy licenses? I have created a student account for myself in order to do this, but it’s not possible for students to buy licenses. It looks like I’m supposed to buy the licenses as a teacher and assign them to students. This makes absolutely no sense for adult learners. Please help (adelwich@trinity.edu)


I’ll email instructions on how do this.


Thanks, Maka! Apologies for cluttering the forums with this. I appreciate the quick reply.

I need to purchase 20 licenses for my students. I just signed up for an account I have submitted a request for licenses but have not heard back. The class I am teaching is next week, 9/26 in Gdansk, Poland. This course is part of a STEM boot camp for girls. I need the licenses prior to arriving in Gdansk. Can you help me?