Help Needed GD3 Level 7: Runner Step 1: Environment, Javascript

I’m having trouble with Game Development 3, level 7 - Runner Step 1: Environment. This is in Javascript.
My code is:

function onUpdateStatic(event) {
    var thing =;
    // Each time frame we move a little to the left:
    thing.pos.x -= 0.8;
    // If thing's X coordinate is less than -4:
    if(thing.pos.x < -4){
        // If thing's type is "forest":
        if(thing.type == "forest"){
            // Then set thing.pos.x to 84, so it can re-enter the map from the right side:
            thing.pos.y = 84;
        // Otherwise destroy the thing:

I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong. The game does not produce an error, it just stops as soon as it starts, with an X next to the goal “Move and Reuse Forest Tiles”

i think you mean
game development 2 not 3 as there is no game development 3

Helpful. This is Game Development 3

um there is no game development 3 for me @Chaboi_3000 can you help him cause yea idk

@ineedhelpwithcoding they’re currently enrolled in a course. (Classroom edition).

@buggirlexpres there’s one small mistake you need to fix and you’re good to go :+1:
Try taking a look inside the if-statement that checks if the thing.type is “forest”. The comments say to set the thing’s x position to 84, but you are changing the y position.
Current Code:
thing.pos.y = 84;
This should be changing the thing’s x position, so it should be:
thing.pos.x = 84;

Then you can play the game and survive for 15 seconds to finish the level:

oh ok thanks(cause i haven’t been on a course before)