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Hello, help me please with my problem. The code is correct, but when the hero comes to the point with coordinates 38, 24, and then goes up or down it kills lightning. Is it possible that the error in the line:
secretB = not True
secretE = secretB
But I was trying to write secretE = !secretB and the game showed that my code is uncorrect. Tell me what my mistake is and if possible correct it or podsu


You don’t need secret D


It seems like you passed it, but you need to have != not = !


Thanks for the answer, but it’s not at all important


Thanks for the answer, but look at the screenshot.
UPD:I passed this level, thank you



just type down !=


Happy you could finish the level, could you put SOLVED in the topic title and maybe get rid of your screenshot because it is the solution just with a typo.