Help pls level 2 flowers is bugged


help pls level the 2 flowers is bugged it said you have to use glasses but the glasses are restricted btw how to screenshot ill show it and pls tell me how to screenshot


what operating system are you using? Screenshots are different for each one.


windows 10
pls can you help?


In the Cortana search box, type, “snippingtool.” It’s self-explanatory how to use it.


oh ok thx brb ill screenshot it


here ya go


is it gonna be like that forever?


try scrolling up and down and see if the arrow moves. if that doesn’t work, try selecting a different pair of glasses. Pick the strongest ones you have.


i tried evrything i tried restarting i tried logging out i tried turning off and oh yeah btw mahony glasses
is my best


oh nvm i logged out and it worked sry to bother you @MunkeyShynes


Okay no problem, those glasses are restricted for me too. You just have to pick different ones. Glad you got it fixed.


@munkeyshynes thanks:grin: