Help with Backwoods Forest[SOLVED]

cannot figure out why my code is incorrect

# Use the checkAndAttack function to make your code easy to read.

# This function has a parameter.
# An parameter is a way of passing information into a function.
def checkAndAttack(target):
    # The 'target' parameter is just a variable!
    # It contains the argument when the function was called.
    if target:
    hero.moveXY(43, 34)

enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()

while True:
    hero.moveXY(58, 52)
    topEnemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    # Move to the bottom X mark.
    hero.moveXY(58, 16)
    # Create a variable named bottomEnemy and find the nearest enemy.
    bottomEnemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    # Use the checkAndAttack function, and include the bottomEnemy variable.

Welcome to the forum!! What level is this?

Thanks Eric! This is Backwoods Fork under Backwoods Forest

delete this, It SHOuld work

Hi elemersglue,

Your code works fine for me. Are you getting an error message, or is the hero not succeeding? Can you take a screenshot of you equipment and post it here?


deleted it and no luck :frowning:

I think jka might be right I think it is a equipment issue you might need more health but I dont think so.

hi there! this is the error i’m getting :slight_smile:

yeah its totally a equipment issue.

you don’t have a sword powerfull anoghf to one shoot the munchkins and because of that your hero attacks the munchkin once then proceeds to move to the next X so maybe make your hero attach two times before moving to the next X

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thank you! i adjusted my equipment and it works now omg thank you SO much

thanks a milllion!!!

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