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I found a bug on backwoods fork

@CodingGeek14 @ducky @Yeroc8 @Miarc

while True:
   # Use the checkAndAttack function to make your code easy to read.
       # This function has a parameter.
       # An parameter is a way of passing information into a function.
   def checkAndAttack(target):
       # The 'target' parameter is just a variable!
   # It contains the argument when the function was called.
       if target:
           hero.moveXY(43, 34)
   hero.moveXY(58, 52)
   topEnemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
   # Using the checkAndAttack function with the topEnemy variable.
   # Move to the bottom X mark.
   hero.moveXY(58, 16)
   # Create a variable named bottomEnemy and find the nearest enemy.
   # Use the checkAndAttack function, and include the bottomEnemy variable.

it says success but i can’t complete the level

You only have one goal completed

Also, nobody will really respond to you if they haven’t really been around.

Zax, it’s not a bug…you just have not completed the necessary code. I’ve moved this topic from Bugs to Level Help, where it should be.