Help with Sarven Treasure

having a bit of a problem with sarven treasure 5, I have good code but there is just so many headhunter discs flying around it’s impossible to move, I can’t post the code in a topic, so ask me to PM it if you can help please

Well, I just played the level and got a good seed but I didn’t sumbit and I want it to work on most seeds :|

What hero are you using


My advice: try using a fast and a big health hero (someone like Gordon) and try avoiding the missiles and enemies using the vectors from the yak level in Glacier.

I only have non-sub and Zana tho, since I no longer have premium, also, I could try, but it’s like literally impossible since:

  1. 1/4 the screen is ogres
  2. every like 5m there is a disc
  3. if I don’t move fast enough to the red x the ogres catch up

do you have ritic or is it only zana?

I was considering getting Ritic but I decided he was just too expensive, if I did I would use shadowVortex and phaseShift to just literally make it impossible for me to die owo

Although eventually there are too many for the vortex to hold.

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doesn’t hero.flap() work?

it works, but not really, since it freezes your character and you have to do it for at least half a second for it to have any effect

Plus if you’re moving fast into a disc then the flap can’t push the projectile back fast enough

oh ok
i finished sarven treasure 7 with gordon, using only hero.healAlives(), hero.cast(invisibility, hero) and a code that moves to the nearest red x when the ogres are too close to me and of course, the best coin is coin.value / hero.distanceTo(coin).

so i think you need a fast, high-hp hero if you don’t have ritic who can just shadow vortex

As I said, I only have free heroes and Zana, so that’s not an option :|

Use teleporters in the corners wisely. If you have some dedication, some missile/enemy dodging code will also help. I think Nick posted this strat somewhere and got up to level 8?

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Noice, although won’t Zana’s speed be a bit annoying to avoid projectiles with?

You probably want a mix of speed and health. So, you wouldn’t want Okar, but you also don’t want a too fragile hero like Pender. In his demonstration video, Nick used Naria.

UsE niCK’S sTRaT wiTH nARiA bUt REplaCe NaRiA wiTh zANa

since u have boom balls throw em whenever ur far away from tough big boys
use a distance calculator to find the best clump in boom ball explosion radius.

I would, but, as I said, way too many headhunter discs flying around and almost killing me