Help with `Treasured In Ice`

Hi guys,

I’ve got some problem with the level treasured-in-ice, in particular with isPathClear() method.
Here’s some of my code:

def worthHeadingWest():
    if treasurePickedUp():
        target = exitPosition
        target = treasurePosition
    return target.x < hero.pos.x and hero.isPathClear(hero.pos, westRoomPos())

In my loop I have:

if worthHeadingWest():
    p = westRoomPos()
    fromDirection = "east"
elif worthHeadingSouth:
    p = southRoomPos()
    fromDirection = "north"
elif worthHeadingEast():
    # blah
elif worthHeadingNorth():
    # blah
hero.moveXY(p.x, p.y)

My character went west for 2 times, then the problem occurs:
South gate is open but west gate is NOT. But my character stood still…
Have I missed something? Any caveats regarding isPathClear method?
(Twilight Glasses)

Any input would be appreciated.


Found my own problem after posting it out and reviewing the code let.
Missing the brackets after worthHeadingSouth… OMG…

Hm… this strategy doesn’t work…
Tried the hints and it doesn’t give any algorithm…
Any tips on the path finding logic guys?
Thanks heaps!

Update 2:
Tried to think of a way to record a gates[row][column] variable.
Putting True or False in it indicating if the gate is broken or not.
Don’t know if I’m thinking in the correct direction?

I would continue going forward with Update 2’s train of thought. This isn’t an easy level and creating an algorithm is the goal.

Think about different ways to create a 2 dimensional array that would store the information you need to get through the maze.

so did you complete treasured in ice?

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