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Helping those new to the game

If you need any level help I would LOVE to help you please just post under this asking for it. Sometimes I can not help with your needs all the time, but most of the time I can.
-Greg Heffley :innocent:

thx so much! help me with my code!

Mod edit: solution removed, next time write your own code.

On what level you are?

What level is this? :face_with_monocle: I reconcnize that this is one level from the Kelvintaph trilogy, is that right?

yea, its kelvinaph defiler

I think this is a very ingenious piece of code, but it’s not your own. So you are using your 129 IQ for copying others work and then bragging about it?

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wait, oof, i equiped the rong stone, now i equiped boss star 3 and passed it

Congratulations and enjoy your boss star 4!

@EpicCoder999, are you going to ignore @xython’s post? You have copied that code. There’s about zero chance you would have happened to write the exact code as someone else.
If you want to use other people code, fine. But you won’t learn from it, and don’t try and brag about it either.

im not bragging, and plus im still in the muntains, but i still really want that boss star and i need a gem boost. and since i dont know wut to do in da lvl, i have to search up.

Mod edit: solution removed.

I presume this is a solution, considering you’re not asking for help at any point. To be perfectly honest I don’t want to fill in all the indents to test it.
I’ll remove it, and if I’m wrong, please tell me.