I'm here to help if someone needs it

Anything y’all need help with I am here to help with it.

Can you “translate” the code from this post to working CodeCombat Python?

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@xython if you need help with python go here to learn it has helped me and can help you to. :slight_smile: Python For Beginners | Python.org

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he isnt a beginner @Archipelago-Gold

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I realized that but here they can mention me so i know someone asked something.

someone can simply do this : @Archipelago-Gold to summon you to that topic

No one knows me that’s the problem because i usually don’t help on here I am usually on GitHub helping people.

I need some help setting up the dev environment. If you can’t help me with that, can you give me a list of gem prices for all buyable items?

you can also check the link in the second post of this topic

Okay, now i want to know how hard is it to beat the first round of the replayable levels. Also i have some questions about those levels. Do they come with a “Run” button so I don’t end up losing first hand? Are the first parts hard if I had the best armor and weapons? I’m more in need of completing the Dungeon and Forest Brawl Levels.

most of the time the stages 0-1 are pretty easy only need ing basic code to beat. and yes, they do come with “run” buttons. the first parts would be really easy if you had the best armour and weapons.

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It’s pretty easy to beat the first round. There is a run button. If you have the best armor and weapons the first stages are pretty easy.

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I been asking around about this, how do I buy gems? I am a premium subscriber, but I have no way of getting more gems other than the Simulate thing, but that does not even give me any more at this point.

You already asked here and got an answer

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