Hero randomly moving

I have only 1 hero.move or hero.moveXY in my code, but my hero is randomly moving, why?
Screenshot 2022-04-17 09.38.00
I literally used ctrl+f to check for hero.move (which also covers hero.moveXY because it contains hero.move) but found none except for 5 in comments and 1 that sometimes makes me change my y by 10, none that make me change my x…

I don’t have any hero.attack either, and hero.buildXY uses the hero’s position

Maybe because you got “bugged” when enemy hero casted invisibility and the enemy hero was your target?

But as I said, I don’t have any hero.attack

It’s not necessary the attack. It can be a cast for enemy hero or a bear-trap or a fire-trap, a decoy on the enemy hero position and things like that.

It says I don’t have a target while I’m moving though…

Well, you don’t have it because you already got bugged…

Hmmm, oh yeah, I remember casting invisibility on myself and bugging the opponent once, wait, let me see if I can fix it, but still, even if its because of invisibility, it needs to be fixed :confused: