Hit and Freeze (Lvl 16)

I don’t really get how to solve this level, can anybody help me?

Heres my code

You are trapped. Don’t move, it’ll be painful.

This function checks if the enemy is in your attack range.

def inAttackRange(enemy):
distance = hero.distanceTo(enemy)
# Almost all swords have attack range of 3.
if distance <= 2:
return True
return False

Attack ogres only when they’re within reach.

while True:
# Find the nearest enemy and store it in a variable.
enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()

# Call inAttackRange(enemy), with the enemy as the argument
# and save the result in the variable canAttack.
if hero == inAttackRange(enemy):
    return True
# If the result stored in canAttack is True, then attack!
if hero == canAttack == True:
    canAttack = inAttackRange(enemy)

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change <=2 to <3 (20 chars)

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instead of this

if hero == inAttackRange(enemy):

use this

canAttack = inAttackRange(enemy)
if canAttack == True

and delete if hero == canAttack == True:
remember to define your variables BEFORE you try to use them, because they will not exist before their creation.

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