Hour of code: it never ends

Hi everyone,

This a little strange. I tried ‘one hour of code’ program (introduction to computer science with JavaScript)
and I finished last lever, Kithgard doors, but the course never appears as completed. If I return to menu, the program appears as 96.6% completed… but it’s done! Why? Do I need to do something I missed?

Hmm; what happens if you go into Kithgard Gates, hit “Done”, wait one minute, and then click to continue? Does it show as complete then?

Thanks for the reply, Nick.

I found out the problem. I don’t know why (I didn’t skip anything), but I noticed that exercise 7 wasn’t done at all. I completed it and now it’s actually completed.

It’s a really strange issue because I don’t know how the system let me do exercise 8 and all next ones without solving 7th… Anyway, now it’s OK.

Agreed :lexpressionless: