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What happens if you finish every level possible?


Hey guys,
I just finished the last level I had left, but there is a level called Quizlet that is glitchy. Can anyone help me out so that I can finish Codecombat. (so far)


Sure, could you please post your code?


I can’t. It won’t let me even start the level.


Have you tried doing it from the link?


It still says that I completed the level when I didn’t.


Could you take a screenshot?



Oh, that level will not provide any coins or gems, it is like game dev 2, the final level.


But it shows up that I did not finish it.


You hit continue right?(Just checking), I’m assuming it’s a bug.


Yes, but it occurs every single time.


What the… @Chaboi_3000 Have you been experiencing a glitch like this or no?


I know. It is the weirdest glitch I’ve seen.