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How can you stop your soldiers attacking your summoned Burl?

please advise, thanks. lllllllllllll

Could you post your code please. I’m surprised about this, normally summoned burls don’t fall into the enemies category, are you targeting enemies or looking for a certain type…
P.S. what level is this on?

I remembered that what I used was ‘findNearestEnemy’ instead of findByType, and this is not the first time that I have to comment out the ‘summon-burl’, will let you know I have have the same issue again.


But hero.findNearestEnemy() shouldn’t find a burl that you summoned. They don’t fall into that category.
Could you clarify your problem a bit more or is it solved now?

not it’s not solved, but I’ve passed that level without burl. I’ll get you a snapshot once I met the issue again

Please send a screenshot @xiaoming so we know further details. As this doesn’t always happens, something must be wrong.