Are your burls supposed to attack you

why does the burl attack me even though i summoned it?

i had that bug as well in a level when i was using vine staff with nalfar. i have no idea why it happens. @nick? @Chaboi_3000?

I think it was an issue with raise-dead? If you want, share your code or code snippet here so I can take a look. Would prefer if you posted your in-game username, as well as inventory setup.

Is your pet also attacking you?
Pets don’t like it when you cast summon-undead, and will start inflicting a small amount of damage every second, even after the summoned skeleton dies.
Perhaps the same thing is happening with the burl?

my username is KKJJ097

def function(enemy):
    if hero.isReady("summon-burl"):
    if hero.isReady("summon-yeti"):
    if hero.isReady("iron-link"):
        friends = hero.findFriends()
        if friends[0]:
            hero.cast("iron-link", hero, friends[0])
    if enemy:
        if hero.isReady("throw"):
        return False

Okay, so they play the attack animation close to the hero, but they’re not actually doing any damage. So just a confusing visual effect.

umm the burl is attacking
i even removed the code for iron-link, but it still tries to kill me