How do I change my name?

Hello! Its @monsty22’s brother here. he gave me his account. We “share” a device. He won’t share it with me so I sneak on when he’s not here.

Can I change my name to Magma?

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hehe im on his account

I am afraid you can’t.
Well… You could ping a moderator and ask them if they can change your name, but otherwise there’s no way to do it.

Hello! Okay, I will try!


Can I change my name pleeease?

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Hello? is anyone there? I came back.

hmm do you mind putting this in a pm? you click someone’s pfp and you see a button at the top that says “message” click it and you can start a pm with them you can try it on me.


Yeah I already told my brother to do that

He PMed chaboi already

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