How do I turn it to dark mode?

There are no color scheme settings

That’s not a setting in Discourse… Sorry about that.

It is on other forums I can set it to dark mode

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Unfortunately, you can’t do that here though.

You can use extensions like Dark Reader for Chrome or Edge, or an alternative for other browsers.

Some browsers (definitely Chrome) have a flag in chrome://flags that forces dark mode on all sites (note that this is all sites, you can’t choose which ones.)

I think opera gx has the feature

Perhaps you can suggest this feature to the staff here, maybe this would help bring the feature to everyone

the staff are not very active any more :skull: but we can try

I can see that:
(Very inactive)

ngl I’m kinda surprised I don’t remember seeing aliensinthesky anytime recently.


thats what i was thinking she also has never posted ever and yet she and veneth are the only people who have been on within the last month or so

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Usually Chaboi is on once every every couple of weeks or so. (kinda strange I know this much about admin habits… eh)
I think this is the first time Nick has been on since January for the Snowhold league.

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She’s quite active on discord, so I’d imagine that she visits here sometimes to check that we’ve not completely devolved into anarchy


It hasn’t happened yet but it will soon probably :skull: