Dark theme for CodeCombat Discourse?

I’m no expert but it looks quite easy to add the feature. Maybe this could be implemented sometime in the near future?


In fact, the admins can just add the dark theme by going to admin → themes → new theme components.
thats my knowledge about discourse

Is there a Dark Mode in Codecombat?

Theres already a topic on this :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I’d just recommend getting a browser extension like Dark Reader since it supports a lot of browsers :3

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Actually, the Chromium-based browsers, in their “flags” page (for Chrome, chrome://flags, for Edge, edge://flags, etc.) have a “flag” to enable a universal “Dark Mode” on all sites, whether they have it natively or not!

Fun fact: the tutorial for the forum states that there is a dark and light theme, yet it doesn’t exist.