How do you beat blind distance

i haven’t been able to beet blind distance help!

Please post your code directly from codecombat, formatting as it says in this topic:


I will give you a clue get thornprick and 22

whats do you meen by 22

tell the wizard that you don’t know

that is a hint @Jaden_Dower

thank you for the hint

and do you know what the wizard is saying

and he says that he’s tired what do i do

i have done that but after a while the wizard gets tired how do i get to defeat the round without getting him tired

show me your armor and your code

Yes, we can only help you if you show us your code.

Don’t repeatedly spam 22. Do that ONLY if there is an enemy if you do though the wizard will become tired and wont be able to cast spells and only say it if there IS an enemy. Ok?

I used this equipment to beat the level

I have proclamation III and boss star 3 but that is not necessary you can use really any type of glasses

Please show us your code formatted correctly.

Hello please dont revive dead topics and even if it is this was 6 months ago it doesnt really matter.