[Bug] Blind Distance Level: Wizard is not functioning


In Blind Distance, even though I’m saying distances, the wizard doesn’t throw boulders to kill the ogres.

@maka my code used to work when I was still doing Forest levels, and now, when I revisited the level, my code doesn’t work anymore.


It’s working even in Lua


BTW Xython do you want to join my clan? its in my usercard


@xython it’s not working for me…


@Enderlord832 Thanks! I will participate in clan fights when ready to be in the top tens. Now I suck at multiplayer ladders! :slight_smile:
Do not compare enemyDistance > 0. Only if enemyDistance
I tried with enemyDistance > 0 - and it works, so I was wrong. Post me your code, I even must delete my picture to obey the forum rules.


Soo does that mean that you joined my clan? Cux my clan number is still at 31.