How do you make a wiki?

how (I haaaate 20 chars)

you can when you are TL3 which means tier level regular

Oh (20 chaaaaaaaaaaaars)

Or you could ask the devs to make it one

what do you mean by wiki?

A wiki is something that TL1 and up can edit.


Only TL3 and above can make one, but TL1 and up can edit one.


i still dont’ understand what an wiki is

A wiki is a post that Trust Level 1 and up can edit, so basic and up can edit. But only Trust Level 3 and up can make, so regulars and up can make on.
~ Lydia
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This is an example of a wiki post.

[You can edit this post. There is a button on the bottom-right that says “Edit.”]

See? I, (Monsty) have edited this! Muahahahaha

But how to make an wiki tho?

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how do you make it a wiki though???

Only regulars and up can make it, you are only a member.


ohh thank you

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