Questions about the forum

  1. Are alternative accounts against the rules?
  2. Is it against the rules to invite an alternative account to the forum just for badges?
  3. Am I allowed to suggest things to the forum publically? I want to make TL2+ allowed to make wikis for others. I also want to suggest a dark theme and a warning when running out of likes.
  1. Probably?
  2. I think one of the rules goes against inviting alts for like boosting, so I think the same applies for this too. Though tbh, badges are kind of meaningless so idk.
  3. That’s what the site feedback category is for.
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So if I create multiple alternative accounts and make them invited by my account just for invite badges, it’s likely a ban?

I can’t find it in the rules, but tbh I wouldn’t suggest it anyway. Somebody else can probably clarify if you can though.


Alright, thanks

So it’s better to use invites for their intended purposes rather than abuse it?


Yeah I vaguely remember Chaboi mentioning something like this but I can’t find it.


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